Executive Assessment

Want to find the best healthcare executives and board members available? InveniasPartners can help. We understand how to zero in on what’s needed to achieve success in senior executive and board positions—from personality, cultural fit and leadership style, to executive skill, healthcare knowledge and political instinct.

Executive Assessment from InveniasPartners

Assessment is vital in healthcare executive search and talent management.  What happens when C-suite or board candidates come to the table with comparable education, experience, knowledge and skill?  The answer is assessment. CURT TO ADD CONTENT HERE

What’s Executive Assessment?

Executive assessment is a process.  Tools like HOGAN (again, consider a link to the Web site) give you an unbiased, empirical view of candidate’s potential for success.  

By analyzing executives’ unique mix of values and personality characteristics, InveniasPartners learns what motivates candidates to succeed, how candidates function in the workplace, and how well candidates will interact with c-suite colleagues, physicians and employees.  Just as vital, InveniasPartners zeroes in on situations that could derail or interfere with top executive performance. 

What’s Next? 

No healthcare leadership characteristic is right or wrong.  Some positions might not require a collaborative, strategic executive, but someone who’s more directive and tactical.  Nor is there a boilerplate executive personality.  Some executives exhibit a warm, friendly outgoing style, while others are quiet, focused and introspective.  Executive assessment from InveniasPartners helps you zero in on candidates with the personality, preferences, values and motivation to move your organization forward.  For more information on executive assessment from InveniasPartners, call  ______